Saturday, September 5, 2015

Challenge yourself, push yourself.

A little fact about myself, I strongly dislike running, I've played soccer and other sports that involved running my entire life, but people who enjoy running down the road for miles and take pleasure in that have always left me shaking my head. With that said, as soon as I found out I was a George Mitchell scholar and that I would be spending the fall semester in Ireland, I thought to myself what an opportunity to really find new ways to challenge myself. The first time I ever came to Ireland nearly two years ago our group took a bus trip around the Dingle Peninsula. Anyone who has visited Dingle before would agree it's certainly one of the most beautiful places in Ireland, or even the world. The beauty found along the Wild Atlantic Way is simply inspirational. Well the first Saturday in September each year they Hold the Dingle Marathon, and half Marathon, people come from around the world to run along the worlds longest coastal route. So I would make this one of my first challenges which would test me both mentally and physically. Growing up I participated in a few 5k's which I even struggled with, long distance was not my thing. So late in the spring I got focused and determined to find a way to run longer distances and try to enjoy it if anyway possible. So the first Saturday in September arrived and I woke up at a small B&B right outside Dingle, realizing I must of been crazy to sign up for something I've never enjoyed.
 Once surrounded by 3,000 other people on the Bay of Dingle I realized it was one of the best choices I had ever made. Running those 13.1 miles was the most enjoyable, inspiring miles I have ever ran. To my surprise I finished the race in 2 hours and 14min.

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