Sunday, September 27, 2015

Embrace the opportunity to get involved

First I would like to apologize for the lack of entries recently, my goal is one a week, but the past two weeks things have been a little crazy, but I have also been working on gathering information for future posts. Some will involve things like Cultural differences in which I experience as well as other international students. I am also planning on having an entry based on Irish expressions and phrases most commonly heard, along with the comparisons between Irish English and American English.
So to update over the last two weeks A lot has been going on, I've been getting to know my professors and classmates which are all grand! Each one of them has such a personality that perhaps stands out more to me not being from Ireland, but not a class goes by without the professor getting a large laugh out of the class. For the most part the entire class has all there classes together and have all been together for the past 2 years, they have a great community and all help each other out. I was approached by the two class representatives welcoming me into the group and offering any assistance. I couldn't be more fortunate than to be with such a great class. The workload for most of my classes is much different than back in the States, instead of many quizzes, tests and projects, we typically only have one research project due midway through the semester, which is based on assigned readings and material we cover in class, as well as a final at the end of the semester. This tends to make it much easier for students to get involved in school Societies or sports clubs, Which CIT offers nearly 100 well organized options. It was a little overwhelming with so many options, but given such a great opportunity I signed up for all that I could, from the International Society which does trips each week throughout Ireland, to photography club, Rock Climbing club which takes place right behind our student apartments, Surfing Club, and Equestrian Club. So many great opportunities to get involved and learn new things with people from all over the world I can't wait till everything gets started with the clubs. This past Saturday the International Society took a trip to the Fota Wildlife park right here in Cork, it was a great day out seeing beautiful animals from all around the world. They just had a New Giraffe born at the park five days prior as well as some new Cheetah cubs, Kangaroos running around everywhere. This year the International Society has one of the Largest groups it's ever seen which makes all of these experiences that much better making friends from Brazil to France, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Canada, Spain and everywhere in between.

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