Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Oh it's been a while I need to get back to this

So this past weekend I found myself walking the Streets of Morocco, my first experience really traveling out of Europe. Although some could argue Morocco is the closest African country to being in the EU. I learned so much in just a few short days which has sparked a large fire in me to explore much more of Africa over the coming years as well as any Muslim countries I can get to. Such a fascinating and beautiful culture, I plan to write more about this in my next post when I have a bit more of time. (basically when I get all my assignments which are due next week done) but for now I'll leave a quick story which had a great impact on me. Although the what I am about to write I've never really questioned it is nice however to take moments like these and appreciate such important experiences.

Whilst wandering these beautiful blue streets and alley ways of Chechaouene, Morocco I came across three young boys. I raised my hand and they all waved back, followed by each of them coming over to me and giving me a high five.  Certainly one of my favorite moments of my travels in Morocco. Moments like these are what drive me to travel, to see and feel other culture, to reassure myself that although we may have grown up worlds away from each other we are all still humans, and we can all be friends. Don't fear difference, embrace it.

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