Thursday, May 5, 2016

Thirty days

As I woke up this morning I noticed it was May 5th, typically I'd be jumping for joy as to my day would be filled with a lot of tacos, guacamole, and maybe a margarita or two. But this may 5th is different, it marks the 30 day mark. That's all I have left of this incredible, life changing, eye opening experience that words can't even explain. I am caught in a battle of the past the future and this moment. My mind wants to start reflecting on all that has happened since September 1st and my heart is focused and excited for this next 30 days, all while I am trying to keep my emotions in check. So for now I am going to look at the next 30 days, I just had my last class, handing in my last assignment tomorrow and one final next week, after the final my class has organized a little end of the year party which will be full of goodbyes. The next morning I will wake up in Cork and hop on a plane for my last adventure, this time the destination is Croatia. I am exploding with Resfeber (one of my favorite words from this entire experience) over the span of 9 days I'll going all over southern Croatia, hiking, swimming, island hopping, tasting and embracing this hidden gem. When I return to Ireland I will have only 10 days left which will be spent with little sleep and a lot of exploring, celebrating, and last minute embracing of a place that will always be home to me. Over the next two weekends I've rented a car which with weather cooperating I'll be filling with a few friends and just going for a roadtrip along the coast, finding hidden treasure in West and East Cork, while trying to prepare myself that goodbyes are soon to follow. 

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