Sunday, October 11, 2015

Building Worldwide Friendships

One of my Biggest goals in my time spent abroad is to build real friendships, with as many people from as many countries I possibly could. When I was interviewed for the George Mitchell Scholarship I was asked what was it that I could bring to Ireland? This was a very complex and difficult question, My immediate thought was food, my experience and passion for cooking and baking is one of my strongest characteristics, not to mention food is typically what I have on the brain. If their's one thing that everyone around the world has in common, other than the fact we are all human, would have to be our appreciation for food. (I won't lie one thing that I struggled with and stressed about the most when I moved into Eden Hall was not having the luxury of all my cooking gadgets I have back at home. But that is just apart of the experience, challenging myself to become more creative and making due with the resources I can get my hands on.) The link between different cultures and their foods might be one of the most distinct, yet powerful. This inspired the international residents of Eden Hall to create a International dinner party, at first we expected possibly 25-30 people to show up. Our expectations were greatly exceeded resulting in one of the greatest experiences of my journey thus far, with roughly 70 people participating, From Germany, Canada, Brazil, France, Poland, Switzerland, Italy, America, Finland, and more. All gathered together with food or drinks from our homes, exchanging stories and recipes of what we made. As well as future cooking lessons/parties to teach our techniques, and recipes to increase our learning experience.  To me experiences like this are some of the best souvenirs one can take away from such an incredible experience abroad. The true friendships you create and the international family you build. I couldn't ask to be with a greater group of people.

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