Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Travel smart, Travel safe

So as the world has been reminded once again that at anytime, anywhere we can be vulnerable to acts of terrorism. But we can't allow the fear of terrorism hold us back from living our lives, that's ultimately what terrorists are hoping to accomplish right? To terrorize us into fearing them or the world we live in. I was in Paris just a few days prior to the attacks, in fact had dinner and stayed at a hostel within a 10 minute walk to where the shootings all happened, I am beyond grateful I returned to Ireland safe and sound. Not for one second while touring around Paris did I ever feel any level of insecurity, and I would return to Paris tomorrow and walk those same streets without fear. What we have to realize is it can happen anywhere at anytime, whether you're in New York City, Maine, Paris, anywhere in the world there's unfortunatly always a risk something bad could happen, but with this comes and even better chance that something great will happen. This has sparked many friends and family members questioning my travel plans, and I have told them all the same thing. I am not afraid, nor do I question my safety, and truthfully if something bad was to ever happen to me I can deal with that if the time comes, but I will certainly not let an act of terrorism hold me back from seeing the real beauty in the world. The fact is there is more good people than bad in the world, so why should I feel unsafe? 
But it is always important when traveling that safety is the most important thing. Always make sure to tell others where you are and how long you'll be there. Contacting your embassy and informing them of your stay incase something bad was to happen, and above all always be aware of your surroundings, try to travel in groups, keep your important items such as passport, wallet, phone close to you at all times and hard for others to get ahold of. Follow your gut, if you ever have a feeling things may not be good, go with it and find somewhere you're more comfortable, some risks aren't worth taking. Most importantly always be cautious and never naive. Explore, have fun, learn, experience new things, but always be safe. 
On that note off to Prague for the weekend with another trip offered by WSA. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone back stateside, eat extra turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and pie for me. 

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