Monday, November 2, 2015

While I have a free minute

The past couple weeks have been a bit chaotic between numerous assignments due all at the same times combined with traveling but here's a quick update!
For those who know me know that the mountains are my happy place, and if they happen to have snow I'm in paradise. So when thinking of where I could travel, the Alps where certainly a top of my bucket list. I flew into Geneva and took a 4 hour train ride into Zermatt which this little ski village in a valley looking up at one of the most distinguishable Mountains in the World: The Matterhorn which was purely breathtaking. I spent my time exploring the village, having genuine Swiss food (which basically consists of potatoes and fondu) or my new favorite dish I can't wait to make for people back home called Rösti. The weather couldn't of been any better made for an amazing experience of paragliding over the Gornergrat Glacier. On my last day in Zermatt I took the gondola way up to Klein Matterhorn which is 13,000 feet in elevation, this made for one breath taking view after another, the air was thin but the experience was everything and more of what I had dreamed of. After hiking over a mile to a further peak I overlooked the Mountains of France and Italy, a site so beautiful my eyes couldn't even believe it. The following day I took the train back to Geneva and had a night to explore Old Town which is an old Roman market place made up of tiny winding streets with cafes and shops lining them. Switzerland has left an incredible impression on me and I can't wait to return someday.

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