Friday, May 27, 2016

How my year studying abroad in Cork has ruined my life.

Because I've found a new definition for "home" it's everywhere and it's nowhere at the same time. Over this experience I've learned home is so much more than the place In which you reside, it's the place you feel alive, comfortable and happy. 

Because living in cork means you have to surround yourself with some of the most friendly humans on earth.

Because it took a 2 and a half hour train ride to be standing front row at a Mumford and Sons concert.

Because on any given night out you are guaranteed to get an overdose of Craic, not to be mistaken with the white powdery substance which is illegal. This form of Craic I suppose could be considered a "street substance", on the premises half of it takes place in the streets of cork. The Irish love to take the good times you have in the pubs out into the streets as soon as the pubs shut down for the night. Dancing, singing, gathering around the musicians playing on the street corners to sing a few tunes. Something you can always count on.

Because I've never valued sunlight so much in my life, it rains in Ireland.. A lot 

Speaking of weather, one thing I was worried about missing out on in Maine is our beautiful 4 seasons. Little did I know Ireland happens to get four distinct seasons as well. They just happen to frequently show up in the same day. 

Because an order of fish and chips will never be complete without a side of mushy peas,(better than they sound if done the right way)

Because if your meal at a restaurant comes with some form of potatoes you better be ready to get a side of chips with that. Potatoes are more than a staple, they're a way of life.

Because Irish time means anywhere from ten minutes to an hour later than you'd expect. (not sure how I'll ever be on time for anything again)

Because when I get back to the states I won't have to wait for a bus, or have the privilege of walking around the city for hours to pick up some groceries.(especially in the pouring rain)

Because each time I go for a run behind my apartment theirs horses expecting me to feed them my apples.

Because living at Eden Hall with 100 of the best friends I've ever made never leaves me constantly with nothing to do.

Because living In a community where everyone is speaking multiple languages has taught me nothing.

Because living in Cork means I can wake
Up in Ireland and fall asleep in France, Croatia, Greece and everywhere in between. It's just too easy. 

Because I'm sick of living in a city with an endless amount of talented musicians, live music on every street corner, and in most pubs any given night, must be something in the water here. 

Because eating local food and drinking local beers and whiskey is too self sufficient for one man to handle. 

Because I don't see how I'll ever make it through another day without a cuppa and biscuit. More than a warm beverage and a snack, it's an Irish lifeline. 

Because Ireland constantly smells,
Terrible with all the fireplaces in every Irish home, and all that fresh air floating around this Emerald Isle. 

Because theirs no gold at the end of the rainbow

How every time  I see the Irish rocky coast  I can't help but feel I'm at home, in Maine, even though we are separated but this large Atlantic.

Because after driving on the left side of the road a handful of times now, I know I'll certainly be causing some confusion once I'm back driving in the states. 

Because navigating through cities in Italy, Germany, Spain or France without knowing more than a common greeting is too much of a challenge for me.

Because a curry sausage and chips in Munich is just appalling. 

Because pizza in Italy isn't real pizza. 

Because Ireland has nothing to see.

I hope by know you've caught onto a theme here..Rather than getting all sappy and listing the hundreds of things I've loved and will deeply miss from this experience I thought I'd have a bit of fun with it.
This experience has taught me to celebrate life, take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way. To never hold back, to not fear the unknown. That each and every one of us has more in common than we will ever understand. Each person we meet regardless where in the world they come from has something to teach us, and these experiences I've learned over the past 8 months have educated and influenced me in countless ways. 

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