Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Off on my last European adventure

Heading to the airport in an hour or so to head over to Croatia for 9 days, do a bunch of hiking, a little bungee jumping and certainly spending time explore a few of the hundreds of islands off the coast. Perfect way to cap off such an incredible experience before heading back to reality. 
But over the past 2 weekends I've been exploring all I can of Ireland, trying to soak in every last bit of green I can. When I get back from Croatia I'll have 9 days left in Ireland which I've already made a bucket list of things I must do/see my last few days here. I have to say although the weather in Ireland is typically not the greatest, when summer arrived about ten days ago I have been blown away by how truly magestic this country is, seeing it in a new light I'd say(ya know since it's not so cloudy). So here's a few shots from my recent adventures around this incredible Emerald Isle 
These last two photos are from a trip we made to the Waterford Crystal fsctory tour a few friends and I went on last week. Absolute stunning work done by these craftsmen, who only work 3 days a week and make over 1,000€ per week. A pretty rewarding career I'd say seeing how they're responsible for creating all the PGA golf trophies as well as pieces for the president, NCAA football and many more. Really incredible to see how much work goes into the beautiful pieces.

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